Big Hat Days FAQ

Important Information Prior to Submitting Applications

The Clovis Chamber of Commerce is not affiliated with the City of Clovis but, must conform to the City Ordinances and rules set by the Clovis Police and Fire Department.

All participants are required to participate both days. Vendors must supply their own easy-ups/tents, tables, chairs, floor length table covers, etc. We do not allow booth sharing.

Electricity is not provided, anyone using electricity will immediately be removed from the event and future events and will not receive any refunds.


Photos of your merchandise and booth display will be required when submitting your applications. Arts and craft vendors that make their own merchandise will be required to provide added photos of their work area along with photos of work in progress.

All new products added to your booth MUST be approved. Any new product added after you are placed in a show could affect your placement due to category limitations and classifications. For example: if your primary craft is not jewelry or floral arrangements, you must receive prior approval to sell new products in your booth.

The main factor taken into consideration for acceptance is quality and uniqueness of craft


We have category limitations. Be sure to review if your product/merchandise has not been excluded prior to signing up. This helps limit the number of ‘like’ vendors in your category so that each event has a variety of different media for the attendees to choose from and our Sponsors with exclusivity. It also helps improve the overall quality of each show. We strive for a balance and variety of product throughout our shows, making sure those vendors selling/promoting the same are spread throughout and not next to one another. This applies to multiple applications from the same company as well. To assure that there be only one representative per company is an internal issue of a given cooperation. The Clovis Chamber of Commerce is not responsible to ‘police’ these company’s policies.


Vendors will be permitted to set up their booth early Saturday morning, times will vary. There is no Friday night set up, streets are to remain open to through traffic.

Overnight security is provided; however, the Clovis Chamber of Commerce is not responsible for anything remaining.


Everything must be within your boundary NO EXCEPTIONS! Vendors exceeding space will be removed from event and will not receive a refund.

If you wish to hang or place anything on the outside of your booth, you may do so, ONLY if it does NOT exceed your allotted space. If you do not have enough room for everything to fit within your space, please purchase a larger one
when applying. Boxes and merchandise may NOT remain on sidewalks for any reason. This includes cash registers, boxes, seating, etc. Boxes or other storage items may not be visible. Tablecloths must be draped to the floor. Our events
are not flea market quality and we will follow through to assure they remain that way.


All exhibitors are responsible for collecting and paying their California Sales Tax on all sales made during each Festival and need to ppossessa California Resale License. Even if you are coming to one of the events from another state, you can apply for a temporary license. If you do not have a resale number, please contact the California State Board of Equalization at 1-800-400-7115 or visit Please check with the City of Clovis for any updates.

We ask that everyone respects the show policies and their neighbor’s space.