Business Networking That Builds Lasting Relationships

From morning to night, all month long, the Clovis Chamber has enough business networking events to keep even the most active connector busy. Do we expect our members to attend every event? No. But with so many to choose from, there is always an opportunity that fits your busy schedule. Remembering the next Clovis Chamber of Commerce event just got easier! We've moved to our new Wednesday Lineup in 2018.

Most of our events have no additional cost beyond that of your annual membership.

Social Media Networking

Recently, the Clovis Chamber of Commerce received the honor of being included in’s Top 100 Social Media Friendly Chambers of Commerce 2015. This is the second time that the Clovis Chamber has made this elite list and is a true achievement. The Clovis Chamber first made this prestigious list in 2013 and continues to hold its own among many larger Chambers of Commerce representing metropolitan areas with populations that far exceed Clovis, California numbers. Making this Top 100 means that the Clovis Chamber of Commerce is within the top 5% of the entire nation in terms of social media communication and promotion for their Chamber members. In fact, the Clovis Chamber of Commerce is the only Chamber throughout the entire Central Valley region to receive this esteemed designation

The Chamber's social media outreach means that members have ample opportunity to experience business networking both on-ground and online right within the local community, from Clovis to Fresno and beyond! Take advantage of this unique member benefit and get to know area professionals and business owners in a whole new way by engaging on our social media pages. Connect with the Clovis Chamber of Commerce and engage with fellow members - you'll get even more for your membership if you are actively involved.

Members benefit from our social media program and can leverage our 26,000+ followers by requesting a promotion or event be shared on those pages. Contact Diana Hunnicutt for complete details.


Make instant contacts, find leads, and grow your business referrals by building strong business relationships with fellow Clovis Chamber members. Our Chamber Leads Club on the first Wednesday of every month.

MAPS Leads Club

We are looking for enthusiastic, goal-oriented and professional people like you who want to be more successful by joining the Marketing Alliance Partners Leads Club. This is a free benefit of membership valued at $300+. Independent leads clubs can cost from $300 to 500 a year. Participation in this club is included in your Chamber membership.

A leads club is a group that meets on a regular basis for the purpose of getting to know more about each other's business. Then as you go about your day, you look for opportunities to refer business to the people in your group - and they are looking out for you!

Regular attendance is required.

The leads club meets on 1st Wednesday of each month, from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm, at a variety of local Chamber member restaurants.

We ask that you belong to only ONE leads club of any kind, including those which are not part of the Clovis Chamber.

Participation is limited to Chamber members in good standing and one member per business category. Please call Diana Hunnicutt at the Clovis Chamber, 559-299-7363 to confirm if your category is open. Visitors are welcome if they email Diana Hunnicutt at [email protected] first.


Monthly Membership Business Mixers


A Clovis Chamber business mixer is a non-agenda business networking event that takes place once a month from 5 to 7 pm. With over 100 people attending, you'll have more opportunities to meet, connect, and build business relationships with great business people like you, who also want to build their network. Our business mixers are fun to attend and you're welcome to invite your business friends and colleagues.

Stay on top of every event by downloading our Chamber Mobile app here. You'll receive text notifications the day before as well as the day of every Clovis Chamber of Commerce event. You can also follow us on social media for regular updates on upcoming events, spotlighted Chamber members, helpful business tips, and more!