Honoring Our History, Building Our Tomorrow

At the Clovis Chamber of Commerce, we believe that a thriving community is built upon its past and poised for a brighter future. We invite you to be a part of our new beginning as we build a new Clovis Chamber Community Hall.

Why It Matters

Clovis is a city steeped in tradition, where each brick, statue, and business tells a story of our vibrant past. But progress is both inevitable and required to succeed, and to honor our history, we must also build for the future. We are currently operating out of the 1914 Carnegie library building – this humble space has been a home to the chamber for decades, but we have outgrown its walls and limitations. Our community deserves an inviting place that celebrates our heritage while providing us with the amenities and the space needed to create a prosperous tomorrow. After careful planning over the years, our chamber board is now poised to build a facility that will serve our community for decades to come. With your help, we are eager to finally bring our vision to life.

A New Beginning

We recently purchased the land to the north of our existing office and are poised and ready to build. The new Community Hall will not only house the Clovis Chamber’s offices, but will also serve as a multi-use space for our members and the community. With a design that honors Old Town Clovis, the 2-story building will feature a large conference room, incubator offices for start-ups, a viewing deck, and open-air courtyards. It’s where members will gather for mixers, workshops, trainings, and events to support our local entrepreneurs. It will also be an anchor on the north end of Pollasky Avenue and a symbol of our commitment to Clovis’s economic growth.

"My hope for the new Clovis Chamber Community Hall is that not only will it serve the residents of Clovis, but it will create an opportunity for my kids to start their own businesses right here in the city. This is going to really take our business community into the future."

Nathan Magsig, Fresno County Board of Supervisors - District 5

How You Can Help

We can’t achieve this vision without your support. Your contribution, no matter the size, brings us one step closer to building the new Clovis chamber Community Hall. Your donation is an investment in Clovis’s future, in the businesses that thrive here, and in the strength of our community. Together, we can Honor Our History and Build Our Tomorrow.

Thank you for your support!


Founders Circle | Priceless*

*Contact Greg Newman for Naming Opportunities. Clovis Chamber Community Hall naming opportunities have a term of 10 years.

Community Hall Room | $750,000

Conference Room | $400,000

Front Courtyard | $250,000

Entrance Lobby | $200,000

Side Courtyard | $125,000

Upstairs Viewing Deck | $75,000

Technology Sponsor | $50,000

Incubator Offices | $25,000 3 Available

Builders Wall | $1,500 Unlimited

Commemorative Bricks | $300 Unlimited