Business cannot survive without an educated workforce. From entry-level jobs to CEO positions, literacy and character built by schooling is essential. Clovis can brag about having the highest percentage of college educated residents who have the highest median income in the Central Valley. That interest in education continues through the generations and attracts like-minded people to the area. The result is a community that values and supports education.

The city of Clovis is served by the nationally acclaimed Clovis Unified School District. With focused determination, the school district continuously strives for a level of excellence rarely found in a public school system.

Clovis Unified School District, along with its students and staff, has a long list of accolades at the state, national and international level. These include: National Blue Ribbon awards, State Distinguished School awards, National Drug Free Schools Program, Future Farmers of America, Future Business Leaders of America, cheerleading, sports and choir, just to name a few.

Its schools earned the highest Academic Performance Index of any unified school district in the Central Valley and the highest of any California school district testing more than 26,000 students. Over 72% of students perform at or above grade level in all subjects. CUSD schools have been recognized 99 times as California Distinguished Schools and 31 times as National Blue Ribbon Schools.

Obviously, the city and its residents place a high priority on the education of its children. This is apparent in the continuous growth of the district. Its fifth high school complex was completed in 2007. In 2012, Clovis citizens passed its fifth consecutive bond measure that will provide upgrades and improvements to every school in the district. When the large number of seniors graduate from high school, they have several choices to continue their education. They can start at the Willow International Community College Center that prepares them for careers or to transfer to a four year college. Fresno State is just across the street and award winning Fresno Pacific University is in Fresno. For post graduate education, the San Joaquin College of Law is available.