You’re making a smart move by opening your business in Clovis. With a low unemployment rate and high number of college educated residents, you have a built-in customer base.

When measured by major economic development factors, the city of Clovis scores high. Our city government runs a healthy budget with full staffing. More importantly, it goes out of its way to help create and sustain new businesses and employment.

Our city is known for its award-winning public safety departments. Your home and business will be well protected.

Clovis is well prepared for the future with a general plan and economic development goals that invite new businesses. Its infrastructure will sustain growth through 2050.

Clovis Unified School District has been honored for its smart business practices. With a rigorous curriculum and the belief that every child can succeed, it turns out students with high test scores and graduation rates who go on to become highly productive contributors to the economy.

The city has many convenient links to assist you in your business planning.