Made In Clovis at ClovisFest

Made In Clovis: A Celebration of Creativity At ClovisFest

Important Dates

Applications Accepted: July 5th, 2023
Application Deadline: September 8th, 2023
Event Dates: September 23 & 24, 2023

Made In Clovis Application

Made In Clovis Eligibility

Made In Clovis was developed as a way to showcase the amazing work of local creators who embody the do-it-yourself spirit and want to share their talents with an appreciative audience. Made in Clovis is part invention, part innovation, and all creativity. It’s a celebration for tech wizards, crafters, tinkerers, food artisans, hobbyists, engineers, science buffs, artists, students, and commercial organizations.

This event is for those who have succeeded in building a better mousetrap, or perhaps created something to solve a problem that we didn’t know existed, and everything in between. Made In Clovis participants will be featured in a special section of ClovisFest in Old Town Clovis on September 23 & 24, 2023. The owner/applicant/creator must erect their booth/display in their assigned location and must be on-site at their booth both Saturday, September 23 and Sunday, September 24 from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. Participants must apply for acceptance into the Made In Clovis section of ClovisFest.

If accepted, you will receive a booth space in the Made In Clovis section of ClovisFest at a very low rate. During the event, selected participants will be visited by local business leaders, mentors, city officials, and entrepreneurs who will appraise each participant and select several to receive follow-up mentoring, training, and resources to further expand their business/invention or idea. Our goal is to find the best, most creative participants with the best ideas and help them reach greater success. Think of Made In Clovis as a type of “Shark Tank” without the sharks and without the tank.

Applications are currently being accepted for items/inventions/ideas in the following categories:

Do you have an idea for a gadget that is sure to simplify the lives of everyone who uses it? This is the category for you. Technology doesn’t necessarily mean electronic. Remember, a pencil with a built-in eraser was once considered “technology.”

Do you have an idea for a new food product that will change the way we eat? Maybe it’s a process that makes preparing a particular dish better and faster than anyone ever imagined. Or maybe you have an idea for a type of cookie that nobody has ever tasted. Whatever you got, we want to see it.

We’re not talking about a wood-carved sign that says “Home Sweet Home” here. We want to see some handmade crafts that we haven’t seen before. Something brand new. Something so cool that we just can’t live without it.

This is more than a catch-all category. This is for inventions and innovations which are so inventive and innovative that we can’t even imagine what they look like, let alone what they do. It’s up to you to show us what you got.

Do you operate a business that utilizes an innovative process to create goods? Maybe you use a special tool or machine to accomplish your day-to-day operations. Or maybe the item that you make can’t be found anywhere else in the world. This is your opportunity to show off what you do.

Made In Clovis is a special section of ClovisFest presented by the City of Clovis and the Clovis Chamber of Commerce. It is for participants 18 years and older.

If you are under 18 years old, you can apply to be part of the special children’s section of Made in Clovis known as the Children’s Business Fair Fresno/Clovis 2023.


The Children’s Business Fair Fresno/Clovis 2023 is for children aged 6-17 years old. For more information, please visit  or email [email protected].

Invitation to Apply

You are invited to apply for Made in Clovis, a unique exhibition of originality at ClovisFest. This event will feature the work of tech wizards, crafters, tinkerers, food artisans, hobbyists, engineers, science buffs, artists, students, and commercial organizations. Full vendor information will be provided by email 7-10 days before the market. Please understand that categories have limited availability.

All participants must create their own work. Resale, import, professional vendors, and otherwise sourced goods are not what this portion of ClovisFest is about. This is for truly new and unique items and exhibits. The name of the event is “Made in Clovis,” but don’t get hung up if you don’t live or work here. If you are from Fresno County, we want to see what you got. Food vendors may only sell or give away pre-packaged food and a current health permit (food) for Fresno County or the State of California. Vendors are responsible for their own sales, collecting sales tax, and reporting to the BOE.

Space for each category is extremely limited it is possible that not all applicants will be accepted. If you are not selected, please don’t take it personally, we will keep you informed about other opportunities. Once your application is submitted you will be notified of your acceptance.
Prior or current vendors at Big Hat Days or ClovisFest are not eligible to participate in the Made In Clovis section of ClovisFest. This section is for amateur entrepreneurs/creators/innovators that are ready to showcase their talents to the world.

Booth Fees & Sizes
All vending/booth spaces are $50 per space. All vending/booth spaces are 10’ x 10’.

Booth Set-Up and Operation
In addition to the load in/load out and general event information, please note that you are responsible for your own display(s), tents, canopies, umbrellas, tables, chairs, and anything else you need to sell or display your goods. There are no items available to rent and/or borrow on the day of the event. You may not vacate your provided space before the event is over on each day; no early tear down. Further rules and regulations will be forwarded to participants if accepted.

Physical Layout
• Made in Clovis will take place during ClovisFest on September 23 & 24, 2023.
• Made in Clovis will be located on Pollasky Avenue, between Seventh and Eighth Streets.
• Signage, flags, banners, or other entry feature will be used to define the entrance to this section.
• With the exception of the Kids’ all other categories will be limited to about five exhibitors each.

To apply
Download and complete the application below and submit it by email to [email protected] with three (3) images (jpg. files only) by September 14, 2023. you have any questions, you may call the Clovis Chamber of Commerce at 559-299-7363. This is a juried event, and all applications are subject to selection by the Made In Clovis selection committee. Applicants will be notified of acceptance within 5 business days of receiving a completed application. Applications without photos or all required information fields completed will be considered incomplete and will be rejected.


2023 Made In Clovis app