There They Go Again

By Fran Blackney
Communications Director

You know how some people just keep doing the same thing over and over. Well, that applies to the city of Clovis. They just can’t help themselves to do the RIGHT thing, over and over. They are fiscally sound, have contented employees, top notch public safety, an effective economic development department and a public approval rating of 94% percent.

Now they’ve done it again. They have come up with the perfect plan for the vacant DMV lot in Old Town.

Last week they revealed the plans for the Centennial Plaza that will be centered around the Centennial Tree that was brought in to celebrate the city’s 100 year anniversary in 2012. The plaza will be landscaped and designed to accommodate events such are art shows and concerts and provide plenty of seating. Commercial pads on both sides will be available to the private sector to develop retail or office space.

This will be a great public gathering place. Right now the vacant lot is used for parking that is right in the middle of a vibrant downtown area. How nice it will be to drive down Pollasky and see that space filled with greenery and people enjoying our community.

More good news about the project. Funding will be provided by bond proceeds that have been held since 2008. The plaza qualifies for the use of those revenues. Once again, smart planning on the city’s part.

For city residents, businesses and even the chamber of commerce, it is a pleasure to live and work in a well run city. Instead of spending time hassling over disputes about spending or disagreements, we’re able to go about our business of enjoying and enhancing the Clovis Way of Life.

No wonder we’ve been honored as the Number One City to raise a family in California.

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