Chamber’s Social Media Steps Up to a New Level

As our new Membership Manager Diana Hunnicutt entered her sixth month with the Clovis Chamber, we found that since she is paying such close attention to our members and signing up so many new ones that she’s not able to maintain our social networking platform to her high standards. Of course, when considering working with our members versus any other activity, our members take top priority.

So then it came down to: who do we turn to? We wanted to take our social media to a new, professional level and wanted to work with a local company.

In walked Chris and Shel Moore. They had just created a new company called Moore than SEO, an innovative social media management service for area businesses. They showed us examples of their work, explained what they’d do for us, listened to what we’d do for them and a brand new partnership was developed for the Clovis Chamber.

Messages are added daily in our social media, sometime two or three times daily, as the Chamber posts about its exciting news from new members to our famous events. Since the beginning of our partnership 6 weeks ago, the number of people reading and sharing our messages has increased by 48%.

Chris and Shel Moore are a dynamic team with decades of experience. Chris has extensive knowledge in providing enhanced technical services to a wide range of clients but also is an expert at mapping marketing strategies. Shel brings her 18 years of marketing communications and digital marketing experience along with her skills as a graphic artist and director of content development.

Thanks to their high quality work and their relationship with the Chamber, Moore than SEO is gaining new customers weekly. And once again, good people have stepped up to work with the Clovis Chamber. We are grateful for their assistance but more importantly we are glad about further supporting our members, our most valuable assets.

Moore than SEO can be reached at 978-4096.

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