The Chamber Recommends

By Fran Blackney
Business Advocate

In preparation of the November 4th election, the Chamber’s Advocacy Task Force along with ClovisPAC endorses the following candidates and positions.

Congressional District 22 – Devin Nunes
We need him to continue his work on our national security

Assembly District 23 – Jim Patterson
A businessman who understands the need to control government’s impact on our small businesses

Senate District 14 – Tom Berryhill
A businessman and farmer who is working on our water issues

Controller – Ashley Swearingen
We need her fiscal responsibility

Proposition 1 – Support
Continues to address our dire water needs

Proposition 2 – Oppose
A “rainy day” fund gimmick and places a maximum on school district reserves that will negatively impact CUSD

Proposition 45 – Oppose
Places control of insurance rates in the hands of one person

Proposition 46 – Oppose
Under the guise of drug testing physicians, raises malpractice awards considerably that will impact attracting and keeping much needed physicians to California.

Proposition 47 – Oppose
Reduces the classification of many felonies to misdemeanors.

Proposition 48 – Oppose
Loosens the rules concerning construction of Indian casinos

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