Are You A New Business Owner? Don’t Miss These Business Development Resources!

Are you a new business owner in the Clovis or Fresno area?

If you are, then you should know about some great business development resources available to you as a Clovis Chamber member.

One of our first recommendations to new businesses is to prioritize the importance of networking for increased awareness and relationship building. The Clovis Chamber of Commerce offers a wide range of events each month to help connect you with local business owners and professionals throughout the entire Central Valley. Join us for a fun and enjoyable mixer, lunch, or ribbon cutting. The more events you come to – the more local people will get to know you and better understand your business and its offering. View our complete online calendar here to find a Chamber event to attend.


Joining the Clovis Chamber also provides you with very affordable online advertising potential. Every membership includes an online company profile that includes the business name, logo, contact details, and links to your social media pages. Additionally, Clovis Chamber members have the ability to share their promotional flyers through our Chamber’s social media accounts for increased reach (26,000+ social media followers). We share your events and special promotions on Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram at no extra charge.

Become a member of the Clovis Chamber’s MAP Leads Club and work to build strong relationships and business referrals. This club is a regular part of member benefits and does not require any additional cost for participation. It’s free to join and you’ll likely make some great contacts and even friendships by engaging with this wonderful group of local business owners. If you’d like to learn more about our Leads Club, reach out to Mayra or Diana at (559) 299-7363 for more details.

Install the Clovis Chamber Mobile App to stay informed about every upcoming event. Save the date for any Clovis Chamber Partner seminars! We regularly feature Chamber Partners who provide free and low-cost educational resources for our membership. From marketing to employment law and everything else in between – you’ll find helpful information to grow your business as a Clovis Chamber of Commerce member.

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