Let’s Get Social Online, Together!

Dear Chamber Member or Supporter,

We’d like to work to focus on the positive and help all of our Chamber members to thrive as much as possible despite the recommended restrictions on gatherings and recent closures of bars, wineries, breweries, & pubs, as well as the dine-in services at restaurants.

We understand the challenges of these closures and limitations on your local businesses and want to do whatever we can to help.

Bar, Winery, Brewery, Catering & Restaurant members, please send us your delivery & take-out specials! We want to help spread the word.

To our Senior Care Community members, please let us know the needs you have! We’re happy to share your lists, promotions, and resources during this challenging period of isolation and concern.

Nonprofit members, what do you need help sharing? Please send us your special promotions and needs!

To businesses focused on events, share how you’re shifting to adjust your needs? Are you offering any special news or resources that may be helpful to fellow members or your business? Let us know how we can help!

As a Chamber of Commerce our mission is to support local business and we want to make our social media communities more about you!

Make sure to tag us in important posts you wish to share!

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We are opening up all of our social media platforms, including Facebook, to help our members gain valuable exposure to over 35,500+ followers via online discussion. Send in your special promotion, resource, or organizational need to [email protected].

Get your member offer shared online and in our new Weekly Member Specials email that will be sent out every Tuesday and Thursday, starting tomorrow.

We’d also like to work on special Chamber Member Spotlights. If you’re interested, reach out to [email protected] or call (559) 299-7363. We’d love to highlight your business to all of our social media followers.

Let’s get social online, together, to help local business survive social distancing!

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