“It’s ALIVE!” was shouted from the Chamber as the long-awaited, new and improved version of our website,, hit the internet. It’s been a long haul but well worth it.

Over the past year, we’ve been working on updating the Chamber’s image. Months were spent revising our logo. The galloping horse has served us well, but it was time to put it out to pasture and create a logo that guided us towards the future. Every facet was carefully considered. The word Clovis leans to the right – going forward. The word Commerce is enhanced – the main purpose of our organization. The three C’s represent the Clovis Chamber of Commerce. And the color green means success and high energy.

The new, energetic logo is proudly displayed on all our communication, our newsletter, at our large events and as links on many websites.

Our next step was our website. Every business goes through a website update periodically and some find it a terrifying and costly experience. First, who do you use? There are hundreds of web design companies in the Valley. Many do a terrific jobs including our Clovis Chamber members. But, choosing the wrong company can be expensive. The site may look beautiful but is difficult to update. Or your designer may just disappear. I’ve heard many horror stories.

We were fortunate to have Rod Silver of ARTCO as a member. He has worked intensely with us and has a lot of patience as we determined the best way to take care of our website needs. Daily he receives e-mails from us with suggestions and changes. And he still smiles and keeps his good humor.

Rod was an adjunct professor teaching marketing at Fresno State in 1993 when one of his students recommended he get into the fledgling internet business. At the time, there were very few web design companies around and many were charging high prices. He said that the prevailing thought was, “If you had a website you could get rich. If you developed a website you could get rich”. As happens with new technology, the prices were high and the returns were low.

Rod takes a different approach. He concentrates more on value for his customers by doing quality work. “They should get at least $1.10 in value for every dollar spent”, he commented.

He listens carefully to his customers’ needs and implements them on the site with technology and creative graphic designs. Once the site is completed, ARTCO makes most of the updates as requested by his customers. He is able to maintain the integrity and style of his sites. It is much easier and faster for his company to make those changes than the customers struggling on their own.

Rod is rightfully proud that he takes a business approach to the internet so his customers can get value for their investment.

And he did a great job on ours.

We also want to thank Ted Ruiz of Ad-Venture Video who made sure our site videos are first class productions.

On the home page, you’ll find many drop down menus that will take you to our membership directory, our events and programs, local information as well as how to contact the Chamber.

The all important calendar that includes many community events is just a click away. And don’t forget to read the constantly changing Chamber blog and articles on the bottom.

We have put much emphasis on making the site user friendly with lots of links that lead you to other pages on our site and other information.

The most important feature accommodates our members. Not only are our members easy to find, there will be many options for them to enhance their exposure and promote their companies.

Businesses who are making the smart decision to join the Clovis Chamber can just click on the “Join the Chamber” link. Be sure to visit the Directory and Programs links to find all the benefits of membership. It will make your decision easy.

Many of our site visits regard BIG Hat Days and ClovisFest. Those pages answer every conceivable question, list the entertainment schedules, Chamber member hotels and our valued sponsors with links to their websites.

The thousands of vendors from across the country who vie for a coveted space at our events can apply with just one click. This simplifies the job for our Large Events Director Tammi Walton who has to qualify each and every application.

We will be updating the site constantly with new information, photos and videos so that will become the “go to” site for the Valley.

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