Care for Clovis

The “Care for Clovis” initiative is a partnership between the Clovis Chamber of Commerce and the City of Clovis that was first unveiled by Mayor Lynne Ashbeck at the annual Mayor’s Breakfast in May. The idea behind the initiative is that those who live and work in Clovis can all do things that make a difference and help make this a great community.

The types of things that can be done include; meeting your neighbors, volunteering, shopping local, picking up trash that you find when you’re out for a walk, reporting graffiti to the City’s graffiti hotline, taking down garage sale signs when the sale is done, keeping and eye on your neighborhood, and conserving water.

As part of this initiative, signs will be installed at parks, trails, and other City properties promoting these thoughts. In keeping with the spirit of the initiative, most of the signs will be installed by volunteers after the initial handful are installed by City staff.

One of the first signs to be installed is a “Shop Local” sign being installed in Old Town Clovis this week just ahead of the start of the traditional Christmas shopping season. Shopping locally builds a community’s economic strength by supporting neighborhood businesses, generating local employment, promoting entrepreneurial growth, and keeping local dollars local, including sales tax dollars.

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